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Marknadsföring och lagermöjligheter

När ni blir en Partner, kommer ni omringa er med ett team som kommer att ge ert märke tillgång till den största säljkanalen i världen. Ett team som kommer att hantera varenda detalj för en framgångsrik expandering av ditt märke hos Amazon Europe. Vi är ett team, och vi står alltid vid ert märke

Stef van Boekel


Följ det alternativ som passar ditt företag bäst


Distri 2.0

Är ni ett professionellt märke? Vill du växa i din e-handels affärsrörelse? Låt oss täcka era behov. För våra partners/ leverantörer, täcker vi alla arbetssteg hos Amazon Europe: från lager och logistik till marknadsundersökning och marknadsföring av er produkt. Allt detta medan ert Märke fortfarande utvecklas och skyddas 



(Amazon Infrastruktur som en Service)

Är ni ett konsumentmärke med en ambition för e-handel? Som en operatör och acceleratör, leder vi ert Märke hos Amazon Europe. För våra partners, täcker vi hela kompletta leverantörskedjan över Europa medan Märket utvecklas och skyddas


AIaaS för Agenturer

För agenturer och tjänsteleverantörer som söker att expandera till alleuropeisk nivå genom en operativ partner. Lär er mer om hur företaget och era klienter kan dra nytta av AIaaS modellen

Partners som förlitar sig på oss

Utforska ärenden framförda av Distri

Wizard Research has been working with us since this year and is live with a mask for dry eyes on the 5 top-selling marketplaces in Europe. Thanks to the overarching brand register, we have managed to implement content and campaigns in Europe even without a trademark registration.

30 days

for the content’s creation at PAN-U level

20 days

for the brand registry Extension (from US)
Nutraboost is our first brand to switch from Amazon's direct offering to us. As they had already set up their own seller account with a program linked to Amazon, the first barriers were already put in our way when it came to uploading content and listing. We support Nutraboost from A to Z through our seller account. The deciding factor for the decision to work with us was our all-around support with Amazon itself and the VAT service.

60 days

for the content’s creation at PAN-U level

14 days

for the brand registry Extension (from US)
The US manufacturer of air refreshers has experienced an increased upswing in e-commerce due to Corona, flu outbreaks and similar. In our cooperation, we focus on the European markets with content, performance, reports, logistic, customer support and so on, as well as support for the UK marketplace. Airtamer itself is already successfully active in the US marketplace


growth per month

200k +

Impressions per month
Together with Baker of Seville, we market bread knives in the 5 main marketplaces in Europe. A unique relationship takes place between the US partner and us. We support here mainly with logistics and distribution. The knife is a best-seller thanks to its competitive price and consistently high and positive feedback.


Units per Month

Almost 2,000

positive reviews
With Salvatori, we support one of the first marble manufacturers on Amazon and thus a real luxury brand. Certainly, selling heavy and high-quality marble on Amazon is a challenge, but with the right advertising, millions of people will be reached in a short time and that boosts your brand and your product search on Europe's largest e-commerce platform.


products & Store live in less the 90 days


days to unlock Salvatori’s account
Swissimage and Marketplace Distri started their cooperation this year. In very close teamwork, despite initial difficulties with the missing brand registry, our team successfully mastered the listing, as well as the creation of A+ pages and store, and overcame all difficulties on the part of Amazon.


growth per month


Units in the first month
Since our collaboration in 2021, we have supported Giftz in the distribution of hampers on Amazon. The production is seasonal. Annual products are offered as well as seasonal ones. For example, in the wintertime, there are also special Winter hampers for cold, cozy days. With Giftz, we specialize in seasonal sales.


months shelf-life management


Sales compared to the last year
Together with Leev we started to sell food on Amazon. Food products are subject to strict regulations, for example, the product information must be in the respective language and all ingredients must be listed and regularly checked. In addition, discontinuation dates must be constantly monitored in order to be able to deliver high quality to the customer.


Top Ranks in the category


Average ROAS
Since 2020, Neofollics and Marketplace Distri have been working together to develop the brand on Amazon Europe. Marketplace Distri acts as an Amazon Service Provider and therefore supports Neofollics in an end-to-end solution on the 8 different Marketplaces in Europe - from product listing, shipping, content creation, and campaign management to reporting, VAT service, and customer care.

Top 10

Ranks in the category

650k +

Impressions per month
Since eCommerce has already been the fastest-growing channel in the supplement industry during the past decade and since last year supplement sales saw a 54% year-over-year growth on Amazon, it was key for our partner to take advantage of the great opportunity of selling on Amazon. Marketplace Distri is proud to be part of Lactosolution’s mission since May 2022. Through our cooperation, we worked to optimise the product pages for their products and develop marketing strategies on Amazon.


products in 6 different marketplaces created in less than 4 weeks


different Inventories Management
When Lamel, which was already a well-known brand on Amazon US, decided to increase its customer pool and brand awareness even further by expanding in the new and fast-growing Amazon's European marketplaces. They needed active VATs in all the European marketplaces to start selling quickly, moreover, having a big catalog with a huge product variety, they also needed someone that could take care of shipments and labeling activities. In May 2022, they got in touch with AIaaS which perfectly suited their needs through their multiple solutions and so the collaboration began.


products in 4 marketplaces


days for the overall Listing
By developing the BISS category, Amazon made a conscious choice not only to participate in the success of the highest growing market in Europe but to become a leader in it. The professional brands that enrol their products on Amazon can take the opportunity to expand to a marketplace where competition is relatively low, but to succeed they still need to make the right choices at the right time, using the correct data to inform such decisions.


traffic increase yoy


products live on Amazon
Brands that have not only a solid distribution but also a renowned name offline, may find expanding to Amazon as a waste of time. On the contrary, they should consider approaching the platform as the last step to establish their brand’s reputation while keeping it under control. Leaving this huge portion of the market to third-party suppliers can have the wrong effect on the overall perception of the brand, and it could end up affecting offline activities too.


products requested monthly


products onboarded
When a brand is already well established on a European level, especially with their offline distribution, it can be challenging for them to shift to the complex structure of Amazon, especially for its heavy competition on product level. Especially with more technical products, where the supplier’s distribution is used to higher volumes, this can cause some fluctuations in sales when 3P sellers decide to offer the same products in low, more consumer-friendly quantities


sales increase yoy


glance views yoy
Reclaiming and retaining control of the distribution chain represents the main worry for most of the brands we work with, along with brand protection and brand image. In the most recent phase of our collaboration, we are focusing on these points by supporting the supplier in a more conscious expansion via Brand Registry


inventory sell-through rate


traffic increase yoy
Cutlery brand that focuses on consumer, as well professional buyers (restaurants, hotels, offices). This group of professional buyers, that are buying in too small quantities, are making a big market. For over a decade the products were sold on Amazon, mainly in Germany. To protect the brand image, as well be visible towards this target market, the cooperation started


more sales


products online
Active in a highly technical industry, by manufacturing of terminal blocks, relays, connectors, signal conditioners, power supplies, and much more, the question is always if the products are suitable for online sales. In many cases products are not suitable, but the products that are, show a massive growth market


sales increase yoy


pieces of one item sold in a week
Many manufacturers have a distributor strategy, meaning that they solely work with local distributors to reach the end user. Since Amazon is a retailer and BP has already many other sellers active on the platform, within our Distri model we act as a distributor. What separates us from the others is that we have a complete inhouse marketing team that develops the brand on Amazon. In this way BP can control the quality and brand experience, while all other sellers benefit.


ROI on their content budgets


Increase in sales outside home market
The products were already sold for a decade on the platform, but not on the desired level when it comes to brand presentation or sales results. Marketplace Distri acts as their Amazon distributor and works closely with the marketing department to grow awareness, customer experience, and overall growth.


Revenue growth since launch


New products sold on Amazon, showing diversification in sales on the platform

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