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The opportunity

New buyer profile

  • 73% of the professional buyers are millennials
  • 68% prefer to research online instead of interacting with a representative
  • catalogues and business cards are out

B2B eCommerce

  • largest observed revenue shift from offline to online commerce
  • largest market growth expected for the next decades to surpass the consumer market
  • marketplace revenues represent 50% of the overall commerce global sales

Amazon Business

  • Already the largest Ecommerce channel for the professional buyer with 5M businesses worldwide
  • Fastest growing division of Amazon with 50% yearly growth
  • First movers advantage, professional brands largest market opportunity

Distri 2.0 is developed for traditional professional brands, to expand in a non-traditional market with personalised approach, using the classic  distribution model with innovative marketing strategies

Alessandro Rogora

Distri Unit Director

Discover Distri 2.0 approach to grow the largest Ecommerce channel in Europe

We offer an all-in-one solution to boost your brand on Amazon
We are not consultants.
We are entrepreneurs
We are in charge of opening the new market
We set a high bar
We are your long-term distributor
We have a multi-lingual approach
Brand development is our passion
Your brand will grow quicker than the market



Distri 2.0


Product page creation


Stock control


Brand registry


Amazon account management

Pan European launch

Product page optimization(SEO, translations)

Marketing campaigns (AMS)

Review management

Customer support


Personal account/project manager

Marketplace Distri Academy

Training staff on-site

Software solutions consultancy


with/without exclusivity


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Roadmap of our cooperation

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When a brand is already well established on a European level, especially with their offline distribution, it can be challenging for them to shift to the complex structure of Amazon, especially for its heavy competition on product level. Especially with more technical products, where the supplier’s distribution is used to higher volumes, this can cause some fluctuations in sales when 3P sellers decide to offer the same products in low, more consumer-friendly quantities


sales increase yoy


glance views yoy
Reclaiming and retaining control of the distribution chain represents the main worry for most of the brands we work with, along with brand protection and brand image. In the most recent phase of our collaboration, we are focusing on these points by supporting the supplier in a more conscious expansion via Brand Registry


inventory sell-through rate


traffic increase yoy
Cutlery brand that focuses on consumer, as well professional buyers (restaurants, hotels, offices). This group of professional buyers, that are buying in too small quantities, are making a big market. For over a decade the products were sold on Amazon, mainly in Germany. To protect the brand image, as well be visible towards this target market, the cooperation started


more sales


products online
Active in a highly technical industry, by manufacturing of terminal blocks, relays, connectors, signal conditioners, power supplies, and much more, the question is always if the products are suitable for online sales. In many cases products are not suitable, but the products that are, show a massive growth market


sales increase yoy


pieces of one item sold in a week
Many manufacturers have a distributor strategy, meaning that they solely work with local distributors to reach the end user. Since Amazon is a retailer and BP has already many other sellers active on the platform, within our Distri model we act as a distributor. What separates us from the others is that we have a complete inhouse marketing team that develops the brand on Amazon. In this way BP can control the quality and brand experience, while all other sellers benefit.


ROI on their content budgets


Increase in sales outside home market
The products were already sold for a decade on the platform, but not on the desired level when it comes to brand presentation or sales results. Marketplace Distri acts as their Amazon distributor and works closely with the marketing department to grow awareness, customer experience, and overall growth.


Revenue growth since launch


New products sold on Amazon, showing diversification in sales on the platform

Get to know Distri better

Is there cost related to working with Marketplace Distri

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With the exclusivity for Amazon Europe, there is no cost for suppliers: we will reinvest part of our margin into developing the brand on the platform. Without exclusivity, due to competition in the marketplace (other distributors), we will charge our marketing activities against a cost price plus model

Is your Distri model for everyone

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No, this is specifically for brands in the professional industry. If your brand sells in both professional and consumer markets, this is still suitable

How do the invoicing and stock shipments work

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As a distributor, we will buy bulk and pay what you shipped, like a traditional distributor.
Our warehouse and financial HQ are located in the Netherlands

What is the responsibility of the supplier/manufacturer

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Please provide us with the catalog, price list, and insight on order processing. We are responsible for the complete operation.
Monthly or quarterly, we plan meeting to discuss previous results, renewed growth strategy, and potential operational issues

Do you work with wholesalers/other distributors?

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Yes, but this is decided case by case. Contact us to explore the opportunity

Why should I work with Marketplace Distri instead of working directly with a marketplace?

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This is an incomparable business from an operational and contractual point of view.
By working with us, you will have the first movers' advantage and ensure the highest chance of success

Who will be the main stakeholders?

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Primarily we work with export/sales officers and/or the marketing department