Wizard Research

With the electrically heated mask for dry eyes, the US manufacturer wants to improve people's everyday lives. Wizard Research sells products like the Dry Eye Mask worldwide, and among them very successfully in the US marketplace on Amazon.

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Background intro

Wizard Research has been working with us since this year and is live with a mask for dry eyes on the 5 top-selling marketplaces in Europe. Thanks to the overarching brand register, we have managed to implement content and campaigns in Europe even without a trademark registration.

The result

30 days

for the content’s creation at PAN-U level

20 days

for the brand registry Extension (from US)


Thanks to the uncomplicated cooperation with Wizard Research, we managed to make a quick start on Amazon Europe possible. Apart from some restrictions and regularisations, as well as the currently necessary registration of packaging material, the partner was successfully enabled to start in the European business.

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