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Bringing brands to European markets is our passion. We adore challenges. We are pushy, ambitious, and focused on results.

What defines us

We are fighters and true believers in brands. We are bold. We are confident. We are passionate about what we do. Every brand is our partner, with whom we have a long-term trusting relationship. We are entrepreneurs, not consultants. We are aware of all struggles every owner copes with every day. We understand that every entry into a new market seems like a risk. And we have a solution to make the risk worth it. We have all the tools and solutions to make the European market a favorable environment for integrating new brands. It's time for your brand to grow. Dare to give your brand more.


Average annual growth for brands that partner with Marketplace Distri


dedicated accounts in Europe, and expanding along with every marketplace opened by Amazon


Home countries of brands who partner with Marketplace Distri


Product pages live in Europe, making us one of the leading catalog suppliers globally


Warehouse m2 and growing


Weekly shipments to Amazon warehouses


Stock control FBA warehouses locations


Inhouse nationalities


Stef van Boekel

Founder & CEO

Since 2011 specialized in developing brands on European marketplaces including setting up the operation. Stef brings a wealth of experience when it comes tointernational Ecommerce strategies.Stef is mostly involved in general growth strategies, strategical partnership and product development

Alessandro Rogora

Distri Unit Director

Alessandro has years of experience with implementation of digital strategies within traditional industries. Today Alessandro runs the unit that is specialized for brands for the professional user. The Distri unit is specialized in B2B Ecommerce

Giulia Martini

HR – Recruitment – People officer

Giulia is the first face when you start working within Marketplace Distri. From recruitment to internal happiness, she is bringing all international cultures together