Delta Plus

For over 40 years Delta Plus has been one of the main worldwide players in the PPE market. Their expertise is evident in the whole range of products they provide, and their mission is to equip people from head to toe

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Background intro

Reclaiming and retaining control of the distribution chain represents the main worry for most of the brands we work with, along with brand protection and brand image. In the most recent phase of our collaboration, we are focusing on these points by supporting the supplier in a more conscious expansion via Brand Registry

The result


inventory sell-through rate


traffic increase yoy


single units shipped to Amazon in a year


Due to the growing demand of their products, the supplier was worried that some of their distributors would start competing to win the sales on Amazon too, where pricing plays an important factor on determining where sales are allocated. With Delta Plus we are constantly working on making sure their products are correctly linked to their trademark via Brand Registry, and that any illicit price reductions on their products are promptly identified and flagged in order to protect the brand name and value

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