In 1938 this safety wear manufacturer launched in the south of Italy. Today they are one of the leading brands in Italy, and with large distribution network and locations throughout the world. Personal protection equipment is one of the fastest growing categories. The expectation is that Amazon will be the largest channel for PPE sales. Opportunity is colossal.

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Background intro

The products were already sold for a decade on the platform, but not on the desired level when it comes to brand presentation or sales results. Marketplace Distri acts as their Amazon distributor and works closely with the marketing department to grow awareness, customer experience, and overall growth.

The result


Revenue growth since launch


New products sold on Amazon, showing diversification in sales on the platform


20x more 5-star reviews


We invest with you in optimizing the success of both firms.We invest with you in optimizing the success of both firms.


For a traditional company, it can be a challenge to develop an Ecommerce strategy. With our distri2.0 model, Cofra could benefit from a traditional transaction, while a professional is developing a new market. The brand is now more recognized internationally, also outside Amazon.

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