The Leev company set up the Leev Foundation to invest in people and nature and to share the results out of love for people who are not so well off. The company caters to people with lactose or gluten intolerances and also offers products for vegans. By combining organic cereals that contain more fiber and less sugar, Leev offers a sustainable product for everyone.

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Together with Leev we started to sell food on Amazon. Food products are subject to strict regulations, for example, the product information must be in the respective language and all ingredients must be listed and regularly checked. In addition, discontinuation dates must be constantly monitored in order to be able to deliver high quality to the customer.

The result


Top Ranks in the category


Average ROAS


monthly turnover compared to previous year


Amazon is showing decent growth in the food sector. The fact that the dutch manufacturer Leev offers a wide range of healthy food and snacks for everyone and also sells them in larger quantities makes the products ideally suited for Amazon.

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