Founded at the end of the 19th century, Klingspor has over 100 years of history in innovation and quality, which more recently led them to expand overseas. In the abrasives market, their name is synonymous with expertise and technology, and one of their main goals is to keep their customers happy and satisfied with their products

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When a brand is already well established on a European level, especially with their offline distribution, it can be challenging for them to shift to the complex structure of Amazon, especially for its heavy competition on product level. Especially with more technical products, where the supplier’s distribution is used to higher volumes, this can cause some fluctuations in sales when 3P sellers decide to offer the same products in low, more consumer-friendly quantities

The result


sales increase yoy


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products live on Amazon


With Klingspor we constantly operate on catalogue management level, to make sure their target audience can receive the expected product in the expected quantities. The complexity of offering such popular products on Amazon determines the need to keep each product details under strict control, as they are more relevant in the eyes of new distributors that may operate outside the mission of the brand, utlimately damaging the brand reputation

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