Abracs is an abrasives and power tools manufacturing company, providing a wide range of products to meet the requirements of the professional sector. They are based in the UK, and their distribution is heavily based in the British Isles.

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Background intro

Ecommerce is taking over traditional, offline distribution channels. In this peculiar landscape, marketplaces represent an alternative to physical shops, where the end/consumer can find different variants of what they are looking for and where they can make informed choices. Onboarding a brand into a marketplace can be an opportunity and at the same time risk, but they are the safest choice for brands deciding to embark on the online distribution environment, as these platforms can partially absorb the risks connected to going international.

The result


ROI on content investments


pieces requested yearly


listings live on Amazon across DE, UK and IT


Abracs does not have a direct ecommerce channel connected to their brand. Their choice to onboard on Amazon made the brand more visible on a European scale with the same effort it would have required them to open a local ecommerce channel for each country they are now reaching. At the same time, with the vendor distribution model we have adopted, they don-t need to have single distribution agreements and representatives around Europe, as our company is managing all the aspects of distributing through Amazon.

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