Swiss Image International AG and its manufacturing company Medena AG offer a range of innovative and high-quality skin care products that are popular in many countries in Europe, the CIS, and the Middle East. All products are made with meltwater from the Swiss alpine glaciers and ingredients from one of the purest environments in the world.

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Background intro

Swissimage and Marketplace Distri started their cooperation this year. In very close teamwork, despite initial difficulties with the missing brand registry, our team successfully mastered the listing, as well as the creation of A+ pages and store, and overcame all difficulties on the part of Amazon.

The result


growth per month


Units in the first month


products, A+ pages and store ready in less than 3 month


Swissimage proves that the beauty industry on Amazon has great and fast growth potential. The brand itself is only known offline in Italy; the manufacturer does not sell directly in other countries. This also makes Italy the fastest growing market for Swissimage on Amazon. Our goal is to reach the German market and make the brand strong there. Because that's where most of the turnover is currently generated in the beauty sector.

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