They are leaders in the manufacturing of high-performance belt drives, which find popular applications in many different sectors, from agriculture machinery to household appliances.

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The B2B market is mostly traditional: family-led companies supply their clients with a personal, local approach. The distribution is easy, and direct, with not many intermediaries which are seen as partners. The ecommerce model offers far more vast opportunities compared to traditional distribution, but this doesn’t mean that they are inaccessible to smaller, more traditional companies. Every company aspiring to grow in the current era should onboard the ecommerce train.

The result


new products onboarded


conversion year over year


visibility increase


Optibelt is a clear example of our mission. Bringing more traditional companies to the world of Amazon is a complex, but rewarding project. With such brands, we are constantly ensuring that they can access new opportunities and new markets while staying competitive without having to bend to the strict rule of online distribution. We are ensuring this “modern” distribution model does not affect the nature of the company, while bringing them to unprecedented success.

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