They strive to improve their offer to meet the needs of the professional industry, by constantly researching and developing the best solutions.

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Europe is a complex market: with multiple languages, currencies, tax systems. Amazon opens up opportunities to brank into all these different, local markets, while benefitting from a wider, European reach. But to succeed on Amazon, you need to make the right choices at the right time, and to have the correct data to inform such decisions, with tailored strategies and focused approaches.

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Although strongly present in the German market, Eikaso was aiming to extend their reach internationally. By allowing their offline distributors to list their selection on marketplaces with a more restricted audience, the hybrid nature of their products, both suitable for professional and domestic use, was not completely exploited. By onboarding their products on Amazon, Eikaso now has the chance to establish their name within the industry, ahead of many of their competitors, which are still relying on specialized and more local marketplaces and reaching only a limited part of the available end-customers.

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