September 28, 2022 5:27 PM

Carrefour launches food Marketplace in France

Consumer behaviour

Marketplace on

The  platform will feature up to 100,000 products from more than a hundred  different retailers by the end of this year. These items complement  Carrefour’s daily product range.

The supermarket chain is the latest major company with a marketplace  for external vendors. It has developed the platform in partnership with  Mirakl, a French company known for building online marketplaces for others.

Marketplace on

At the beginning of this month, Carrefour created the marketplace on  its French ecommerce website, With this initiative, the company  wanted to boost its product range by selling complementary products.

It wants to boost its product range by selling complementary products.

New products are in line with ecommerce trends

Carrefour says these news products are in line with current ecommerce  trends. Many customers nowadays have a preference for organic, natural, and  healthy products as well as regional and local produce. “The product  categories concerned are grocery items, beverages, hygiene/beauty care  products, pet supplies, and childcare items”, it explains.

The French supermarket chain says that having a multitude of items  available on a single website saves consumers precious time. “And their  purchases can be delivered directly to their homes throughout France.”

Entire Carrefour ecosystem underwent a transformation

The new online marketplace is part of Carrefour’s goal to become the  leading food ecommerce retailer. “To meet consumer expectations, the entire  Carrefour ecosystem has been undergoing a transformation over the past two  years so as to promote the food transition and ensure digital solutions that  will simplify daily life for all French consumers”, Elodie Perthuisot,  executive director of ecommerce and marketing for Carrefour France, says.

Carrefour wants to become the leading food ecommerce retailer.


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