September 23, 2022 11:35 AM

How Exactly the Fulfillment by Amazon Program Works?

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Are you confused on what exactly the Amazon fulfillment program does? Want to know how it can benefit customers as well as vendors? This program has turned Amazon the invincible leader of e-commerce. This program helps sellers to store their products online through Amazon. This means Amazon offers them online store space.

How Exactly the Fulfillment by Amazon Program Works?

This program is for vendors or sellers who can sell their products via Amazon. This means 3rd party sellers can sell their products through Amazon for a charge. This makes the whole process of storage, packaging as well as product shipping easy. Amazon takes care of storage and maintenance.

In fulfilled by amazon consultant the product is sold by 3rd party seller but shipped by Amazon. The only requirement for the seller is to ship or drop the product to the nearest fulfillment center for Amazon. Once the product is dropped, it is Amazon’s responsibility to ship the product to the buyer.

This is a win-win situation for both. Amazon is taking care of selling and shipping your products by giving a space to display the product on Amazon. This gives increases visibility as Amazon is the biggest online shopping site. In return, Amazon charge a fee for the process.

Are you wondering what needs to be done for Amazon vendor account? As a vendor, you will have to apply for the program and pay the fee. After setting the account, seller needs to send the product to Amazon. The product when purchased by the customer is picked and shipped by Amazon.

Amazing Benefits for Sellers with the Program

The sellers or vendor greatly benefit from the program. This allows everyone to sell their product by showing it on a large platform to everyone. Amazon is a global platform and hence the product gets high visibility and more chances of being sold off. Wondering benefits of the Amazon FBA consulting services to sellers?

  • Access to the Prime Badge – The products under Amazon Prime are more reliable and trustworthy. The vendors under FBA program automatically get the Prime Badge. This make it more reliable to the frequent customers of Amazon as many customers look for Prime eligibility.
  • Access to Global Audience – Amazon is an established e-commerce company. Selling on Amazon means higher customers and purchase as compared to other platforms. The vendors get a safe and reliable online space to sell their products to the customers.
  • Packing and Shipping – As a seller, you do not have to worry about the packing, shipping, and product delivery. Amazon shipping is reliable and safe with complete assurance. The Amazon guarantee helps the customer to get the product delivered safely.
  • Unlimited Product Sale – There is no limit to number of products or units a vendor can sell. This is the best thing about Amazon FBA program. The vendors or sellers can send the products to the Amazon inventory in bulk and continue with the sale without any hassle.

This program makes the return of the product also hassle-free. With help of fulfilled by amazon consultant the return process is taken care of and managed by Amazon. This includes communication with the customer, checking for the defect and release out the refund or maybe send a replaced product.

Selling on Amazon definitely means more visibility and hence high rate of sale for the product. It was found that competitors who have their own online retail store had low visibility as compared to FBA retailers. However, Amazon charge a fee for the inventory storage and all of the handling process.

This fee differs from product to product depending on the quantity and number of units held in the inventory. The shipment and packaging is done safely with the branded Amazon boxes. The packaging is done properly to avoid any damage to the product.

Seller has More Flexibility with This Program

The FBA sellers have more flexibility because the sellers can decide the price, number of units sold and held up in the inventory. The Amazon Prime badge gives added advantage to the FBA seller. Do you know what does an Amazon prime customer account prefer? The Prime customers look for sellers with Prime badge.

The FBA sellers get the Prime Badge and hence the selling becomes more flexible and easier for them. The fulfilled by Amazon items means that the seller is a third party. As a seller, there is a lot of flexibility in making choice regarding the return order or setting price or discounts.

The product is not owned by Amazon, but they are responsible for the packaging and shipping. The refund is also decided by the seller after the inspection of the defect or issue in the product. The FBA program is a great opportunity and platform for sellers and expand their business.

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