Xiaomi Mi Band 4C now available on Amazon in Europe as the Chinese OEM plans for adding to its Mi TV range in India

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C has been spotted appearing on Amazon Spain, where the budget fitness tracker can be bought for a very reasonable €19.99 (US$23/£18). While the Chinese OEM is busy releasing wearables in Europe, it looks like Xiaomi might be also planning on adding some new Mi TVs to its range in India.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C can last for up to 14 days on a single charge. (Image source: Xiaomi/Amazon Spain)

Xiaomi is truly proving itself to be a global brand as it looks to enhance two product ranges in two important markets. The company is very well known for its series of Mi Band wearables, and hot on the heels of the release of the Mi Smart Band 5 in Europe we now have the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C as well. The latter fitness tracker is currently listed on Amazon Spain for just €19.99 (US$23/£18).

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C, which is basically a rebranded Redmi Band, had already turned up just a few days ago in Taiwan, where it was retailing for only 495 TWD (US$17/£13/€15). Although the fitness tracker is cheap, it doesn’t scrimp on the features and has a genuine heart-rate monitor, sleep tracker, sports modes, and it has a distinctive 1.08-inch rectangular display.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi fans in India have been asked to fill out a survey in regard to TVs. The survey asks innocuous questions such as what the ideal TV size would be for a potential purchase and what sound options would be preferential. There’s even an image comparison where respondents are asked to choose between a TV with a normal bezel and one with a bezel-less design. It appears Xiaomi is preparing to launch some new Mi TV products in India and wants to makes sure it satisfies as many customers as possible.

Mi TV survey questions. (Image source: Google survey - edited)
Mi Band 4C. (Image source: Xiaomi/Amazon Spain)
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