How To Set Up An Amazon Seller Account – Amazon Seller Consultant Near Me

The e-com market is growing at a faster pace and it would touch the 1 trillion dollar mark soon and you as a business house should and must look at the opportunities that it has to offer you. Amazon is the pioneer e-com site that changed the business model.

Are trying to figure out how to sell via Amazon? Then here are a few things that you should be looking at and these steps would help you in getting started with your business.

The first thing that you need to do is to set up your account and then only you can start selling your products though the site here is a step by step approach to make you understand how to create an operate and account.

Sign–up for Amazon Seller Services:

Enter your name, email and password, you have to re-enter the password to verify your e-mail and the password must be of 6 characters, you are not required to enter your business e-mail at this stage.

Register your business:

• After logging in, you need to provide your legal business entity name, contact information and address

• You should provide your e-mail address that is connected to your business to receive important mails

• You need to provide the info of an internationally chargeable credit card with a correct/valid billing address

• A valid phone number to receive information during this registration process

• All your tax-related identity info

Choosing a selling plan:

You have both professional selling plan and individual selling plan for your use

Professional selling plan would cost you on a higher side but it will make your products in to the buy box for selling

Individual plans would cost you less but Amazon might restrict some item listing in this plan you can change your plans whenever you ant according to your needs

If you are unsure about the process of choosing a selling plan, then can you go for Consultancy for Amazon seller account? The answer would be yes because there are a lot of consulting companies giving services.

List your products:

• After choosing your selling plans, now, you are all set to list your products and after listing, you can start selling your products online

• You have a huge range of options available for you on professional plans and you also have a significant number of options to list your products under individual plans

• You can use the options such as manage order, order tool, Amazon Web Service (AWS)

• There are more tools available in the options and you can learn more by experimenting with them or by looking at some useful knowledge base on the web for the same.

Search for a good Amazon seller account consultant:

A lot of business houses wonder about where and how can we find Amazon Seller Consultant near me, are you thinking the same? It is not a difficult question to answer; in fact, you can look for them on the web and a lot of companies offer online service to their clients.

You can also look for info and help on LinkedIn because this is one of the great social media sites that offer helps to business communities and fraternities.

The great thing about hiring consultancy service is that they can help you in registering and sign up process; they will have the right kind of tools and professionals to help you with that. However, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a reputed and experience company because here security matters a lot as far as your business and confidential info is concerned.

A good consulting service for Amazon seller accounts would help you in listing your products and managing them, which means you will have the right and skilled people on the job to do that.

A few key factors to help you in your business:

• Make sure that you upload the best images of your products; you should consider hiring professional product photographers because Amazon also have image criteria for uploading

• You should write crisp and better product descriptions because copy matter would matter a lot in the buying decision-making process

• You should have good and well-organized team to ship and send orders because that is something that you are expected to do beautifully and efficiently for better and smarter shopping experience for your clients

• These are the selling tips that you should follow while uploading your images and shipping your products, the more immaculate you get, the more clients you get for your products.

If you are not sure about how to go about opening a selling account, then you should try to find a good company for consultations. The answer to the question of should you find a consulting firm that can help with Amazon seller account or not is a big yes.

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