European playground

Gateway to Europe

Europe is the 2nd smallest continent in the world. Despite this fact, it is an economic super-power. There are 51 countries, 24 officially recognized languages, and 740 million habitants. That’s 11% of the world’s population.

20% of the entire world’s economic activities are supported by Europe’s reliable infrastructure. Overall, people are well educated, and about 85% have access to the internet.

This in combination with a high PIB of the countries, individual affluency, and spending per person. Creates a perfect climate for business.

Facts and Figures

565 million online active buyers (twice of USA market)

EU Consumers have the highest spending per person and highest active online users in the world

Marketplaces access to +80% of the market

Overall customer expectations are high: delivery time, customer support, warranties, returns and refunds

Marketplaces often more profitable than individual online e-commerce platforms

What we do

By working with us, you have immediate, direct access to the European online marketplace. All legal limitations, culture differences, language barriers and local market knowledge challenges are taken care of and solved by us.

Our Ecommerce development company in Europe will make sure your products are listed, that your brand is introduced and established for the long term on the main recommended platforms. We also support your customer’s needs and expectations.

With us, you can rest assured you´ll get:

Access Europe with confidence

Due to Ecommerce there are no national borders anymore. This creates threats for the companies that are unwilling to accept these changes. But it also fosters an opportunity for the ones that brace this change. Europe is a complex market, there is no such thing as a European strategy. Within our international team, we have a over a decade of experience developing brands in Europe via Ecommerce platforms. We are your port of entry to this rapidly changing market. ​

By Stef van Boekel – Founder Marketplace Distri