For those who want to feel empowered and to let their life dictate their work every day and not the other way around; for those who travel a lot and have few times to work between one trip and the other, Xebec is the right choice. Stop separating your day from 7 to 6 and find more time to travel, think about yourself and about others, and start the rec

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Background intro

The cooperation started in July 2022 when Xebec, already a notorious brand, distributed in the US and EU decided to increase its customer pool and brand awareness even further by starting to sell on Amazon. Active VATs in all the European marketplaces were required to start selling quickly, moreover, they also needed someone specialized in the European market for content translations, keyword research, and marketing campaigns. They've found AIaaS solutions, and they are now good to go.

The result


days for the content’s creation


days for the brand registry Extension (from US)

after less than 2

months Live


A relatively young brand with a high-tech product and a futuristic vision between the work & life balance trusted AIaaS to handle their brand in the highly competitive market of Amazon EU. Hype is real, stay tuned for future updates!

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