Full Service Amazon Seller Central Management

Marketplace Distri is a leading Amazon seller and vendor specialist in Europe (mainly UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Spain) a hands-on approach helping brands grow their Amazon product sales and update their sales strategies on the largest e-commerce platform in the world.

We become your trusted extension of your current organization, helping you make sense of the ecosystem, identifying new ways to grow on marketplaces, reach new customers and taking bold action to drive results utilizing many of the tactics below, while managing the complete operation and VAT filing.

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A decade of experience

Every Amazon Service You Need All Under One Roof

Our account managers run every aspect of your Amazon shopping Store. We tailor each program to our client’s specific needs. Our end to end account management offers our clients turnkey solutions and high-quality Amazon services. A team of +10 will be active on each aspect of the operation, but don’t worry you will only have to communicate with only one project manager.

Direct to Consumer provides Highest Margin per Product

Hyper Growth Plan

Every two months you will be receiving a detailed performance report, showing the results from our investments into your Amazon vendor and/or seller account, brand and products awareness and Amazon advertising, and as well renewed and improved action plan for the coming two months. We will build this additional marketing and sales channel for you, but you are right there with us following our steps and understanding the strategies.

Perfect market development

Our Compensation

For the complete service as written below, we charge a 10% margin on the revenue, with a minimum of 2000 euro a month. Customized requests are optional and being offered against a highly discounted hour rate, often 50% cheaper than the other marketing or Amazon consulting agencies. For the price of a 0,5fte, you will have a team of +10fte working on your brand awareness and growing this marketplace sales channel.

Multilingual Optimized


  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) Customer Service
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), PPC advertising campaigns & Amazon Review Management (Email requests)
  • Merchandising Services (Reporting Data & Analysis)
  • FBA Inventory and Shipment Management
  • Sales Volume Management on Amazon
  • Vendor fulfilled managementselec
Multilingual Optimized


  • Set product detail pages up to be Fulfilled by Amazon
Multilingual Optimized


  • Creating Shipping Plans to Send Products to Amazon
  • Create Product Labels
  • Create Shipment Labels
  • Verify Shipment is Received in Full by Amazon
  • Reconcile if Necessary
  • Stock will be shipped to our warehouse and from there being prepared for shipment towards up to 40 different locations in Europe (based on sales on zip code level)
Multilingual Optimized


  • Manage Application and Approval Process to Registry Brand and Selling Approval with Amazon
  • Build and Protect Brand
  • Enforce Trademark Infringements
A decade of experience


  • Amazon Sponsored Ads Campaign Set up & Management
  • Amazon PPC Keywords Research, Additions, and Match Types Management
  • ROAS and ACOS Management
  • Marketing Reporting
A decade of experience


  • Ongoing Product Title Optimization
  • Ongoing Product Copy Optimization
  • Ongoing Product Bullet Points Optimization
  • Ongoing Product Keyword Research/Optimization
  • Variation Optimization
  • Category Mapping
  • Marketing Reporting
A decade of experience


  • Conduct analysis of competitors operating on Amazon to know their specific pricing strategies
  • Research on keywords (SEO for Amazon) used by your main competitor products
  • Recognize growth potential and a short-term and a long-term Amazon’s growth trajectory
A decade of experience


  • Full Product Listing Set Up
  • Images Import
  • Copy Creation/Narrative Creation
  • Product Detail Page Optimization
  • Category Unlocking
  • FBA Set Up
Multilingual Optimized


  • Manage Application and Approval Process to get Approved to Sell in Specific Amazon Categories
  • Must use manufacturer UPC code
  • Must be sold in new condition
  • Provide documentation requested by Amazon after approval request
Multilingual Optimized


  • Manage the Amazon vendor fulfilled process
  • Work with “client” in all functions of their Vendor central fulfilled shipping model
Multilingual Optimized


  • Trademark Policing
  • Wholesaler Policing
  • Brand Registry Enforcement
  • Policing Customer Support Communication
Multilingual Optimized


  • Provide marketplace enforcement to remove counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers and partners with you to reclaim your brand’s presence and reputation on Amazon.

Multilingual Optimized


  • Ensure products are against compliance on country/ European level
  • Understanding the legal aspects and act accordingly
Multilingual Optimized


  • VAT filing on country level; 8 countries (DE, FR, IT, ES, CZ, PL, NL, UK)
  • VAT reporting

By European law it is mandatory to have a local VAT number. You will have the option to generate the sales through our established infrastructure, resulting that our company will be organizing the VAT filing for your products to be sold on Amazon.

Are you paying attention to Amazon’s sales growth?

  • Amazon is more valuable than all major brick-and-mortar retailers combined
  • Amazon accounts for 50% of all online sales (yes that is same as all players through other online B2C and B2B marketplaces) You have Amazon, and you have the rest of Ecommerce
  • During peak seasons Amazon can reach up to 92% of the products searches online -> the place to attract new customers and growth brand awareness and sales
  • Amazon ships more than 3 million packages a day

If you have a passive approach to selling on Amazon, you’re wasting your time. By working with Marketplace Distri, you’re unlocking Amazon’s online business true and complete potential.

Why you should be working with us

Amazon is not a side project and the complexity of the operation system is growing.

Being able to have an operation and infrastructure to work according the needs and understanding what is needed to optimize the sales on local behaviour, is a six-figure investment for any company willing to growth sales and to perform on a marketplace as Amazon.

Building your brand on Amazon including the operations is all what we do. A highly skilled team with unique expertise will be ensuring you are benefiting to its fullest potential.

Working with us you are freeing your internal resources and will be able to focus on your core business goals.

At Marketplace Distri, this is what we do, and we love it, by working with a specialized Amazon partner like us, your business will forward to the next level.