b2b ecommerce

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The Opportunity is Massive!

As people are changing their buying behaviors, business to business Ecommerce is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity.

What do B2B buyers want?

B2B Buyers expect the same online purchasing experience they have in their personal lives.

They are highly aware that to succeed in the digital landscape, there must be an omnichannel, customer-centric experience, and a variety of quality products, timely availability, and competitive pricing.

The new buyer

are millennials (Born between 1982 and 2000)

prefer to research online instead of interacting with a sales representative

use mobile devices to research products and services they buy for work

Marketplaces are crucial when it comes to online reputation and sales


Marketplaces are very much like a Shopping Mall. Buyers trust sellers as they have been vetted to be part of a specific collective.

From an operational and contractual point of view, working within global marketplaces is an incomparable business case – which is why most companies don’t reach their potential.

Being able to work according to the demands, will request an attitude by each department that this is the future market, including investments in infrastructure, systems and knowledge.

The main reason why most large and established consumer brands have lost small business marketplace with the flexibility to adjust towards the growing requirements of Ecommerce.

Even with accelerating growth it still makes up a small but growing fraction of overall online b2b marketplace sales, presenting an opportunity for companies that establish the fundament for the future.​

B2B Ecommerce
  • Marketplaces revenue represent 50% of the global Ecommerce sales, and growing quicker than the market in itself.
  • The result is that in the next decade, the majority of the online sales will take place in marketplaces.
  • The average spend grows year over year by 20%.
  • Marketplace buyers are loyal and it is becoming for many brands the most important sales channel.